I’m just over it all. I understood when we started out on this journey with this virus that the intentions were to flatten the curve, not overwhelm the hospitals and ICU units and to secure PPE for hospitals. I have empathized with the mission and was completely on board in March. Now if you watch the WORLDOMETER the number of deaths in NY have come drastically down from a couple of weeks ago. The states as a whole are doing great!

I am ready to return to normal and see life the way it once was. We are teetering into June already and I think it’s time to return to normal. To be living in fear and to let our rights and freedoms be taken away like they have been is just nonsense.

People’s lives have stopped. Everyday living for example depriving people of companionship from funerals to hospital stays, etc…, grieving people forced to be alone, health problems are on the rise from people not going to the doctors, dentists, having elective surgeries, etc…, birthdays, kids play time, families missing out on each other, the economy collapsing, people being out of work, kids going hungry, kids education stopped, school functions stopped, 4-H stopped, bankruptcies going on, suicides up, drinking up, drugs up, it is just truly so sad to see where we are going. Power hungry governors, I think the craziest one I read lately is that there is a hotline in California to tell on non-essential businesses so the state can cut POWER to the business that is open and deemed unessential. Like really people?! It is time to wake up and smell the hogwash for what it is simply HOGWASH!!!

Locking us up in our homes doesn’t help our immune systems either. Living in a bubble isn’t the answer.

I know we’ll probably have a second wave in the winter months but I think that we are far more prepared now than we were. I think we’ve learned and grown and we are ready for anything that comes our way.

I know people will be offended by my opinion but this is my opinion not fact. Some people just don’t know the difference between fact and opinions.

Oh well these are my feelings on life right now.

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