#goodbook let’s get it on


I think that we as a world need to try to get better about sharing good things, happy things, things that are worthy of our children. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I really think the news is filled with so much negativity and then of course social media is filled with so much negativity as well. I think it’s time we come together and start sharing with each other and the world raw happy moments in life. Touching heartfelt moments that we all have. Throw prayer requests out there so we can pray for you. Just things like that.

One off the top of my head example is my son caught a fish the other day and the smile on his face priceless.

Another example we just gave an abandoned dog in our town a home, he’s been wandering the town for about a month and someone dropped him off to my husband at home and well the rest is history he’s now a resident of our home.

Things like that just things we can pass on to each other and make each other smile and feel good. Etc…

Difference between left and right


I fish

You’re a hard stick

Say yes

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