Sow, sow, sow

Me a Scooby-Doo mystery

My life is definitely colorful and still nothing short of amazing because I’m still alive and breathing.

I’ve been having medical episodes for about a month now, I work a full time night job, I’m studying to take my civilian certification in the laboratory field and am still raising six children with my Michael. I do not have a lot of time like I used to once upon a time to personalize my posts like I once had. I have notes piled up all over the place to sit down and make my own picture blurbs, I will set aside time to get this all done before I move on to the other side (I hope).

I’ve been battling with some kind of medical issues that no doctor can seem to diagnose. It is as if I’ve had a stroke left side of my face droops, slurred speech, I can’t raise my left leg in a sitting position, my eyes won’t move back and forth and up and down when following someone’s finger. After my last episode my right leg will not raise up from a sitting position either.

There are a few more quirks that have happened along this journey. It seems that every time I have an episode another neurological symptom sticks with me long term.

I’ve had MRI’s, cat scans, one spinal tap, laboratory testing and x-rays done. I was placed in ICU for three days and I was in the emergency room at another hospital before I got transferred to a hospital for four days which was a major stroke hospital.

I seem to be an anomaly a Scooby-Doo mystery.

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