The best ride ever

Just a little spark

It’s a big thumbs down from me

I can see night time in your pajamas, the morning in your pajamas before you start your day and I can even see Christmas morning unwrapping presents in your pajamas. But when a man stays in his pajamas all day and does a whole new Christmas tradition in holiday pajamas, to me, it’s just a turn-off. There is nothing manly about it to me. I see it as a start of emasculation of men. In my honest opinion, all the pictures I’ve seen of the men this past Christmas in their pajamas doing photo family shoots and cooking Christmas dinner in their holiday pajamas just shattered my view of these men. I’m sure a lot of these men were under duress with their better halves because I just can’t see them willingly looking like elves, etc… I equate it to they wanted to rip those pajamas off and get back to regularly scheduled life.

Are God and I okay?

Christian life got me

Life is a mix of

Than with you

Heart change

Transformed by the renewal of your mind

I don’t have anything to offer bologna