October 7, 2018 Mountain View Church live service

John 11:25

Aren’t you thankful that Jesus has given us eternal life in Him?! We are!


Have anyone that sucks the life out of you?

We’re jumping with excitement because Pastor Daniel is back and preaching this Sunday!⠀
What great heights he’ll go to in order to give us a sermon illustration. 🤘🏽Looking forward to an engaging message as we continue the How to Hug a Vampire series, learning how to love those who suck the life out of us.

October 14, 2018 Mountain View Church Live service

The golden rule

The golden rule: Do to others what you’d have done to you!

How hard is this to put into practice? Let’s seek accountability and wisdom from the Lord on how to treat others with the love of Jesus.


Pastor Nate Sams

Here at MV, we are blessed to have 5 Pastors on staff! 
This month is Pastor Appreciation and we’d like to highlight each of our Pastors.

Today, we’d like to honor Pastor Nate Sams. He is our Adult Ministries Pastor. We love his creativity and how he makes himself available to people. He is always mindful of getting families to Jesus. The way he connects people through Electives, sports, and Small Groups is a vital part of the ministry we do here at MV to help families win. Take a minute and tell us what you appreciate about Pastor Nate in the comments!

Releasing control is not easy

What a Sunday! Who thinks this message was directly for them?

Releasing control is not easy, but we release it to a God we can trust. He is FAITHFUL