Sometimes conditions are outside of my control

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Just believe in yourself

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You can always better yourself

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When was America great?

PART 1 – When you have a 12-hour road trip and your friends are awesome

A Gift of Love

Artfully Seeking

Written by Maali Padro // Photos by Arianna Taralson


It’s like a bouquet of flowers, a beautiful array of colors and textures arranged to complement one another. A sweet fragrance that calms the soul when nurtured with love and whose thorns fall off with each kind word. It’s an art, a masterpiece that takes time to perfect, creativity to resolve conflicts, and sometimes just a clean canvas. It is something to be admired and passed on through the ages. It’s like rain, a giver of hope when dry seasons come.

It can be like a bouquet of dried flowers, with time the colors may fade becoming one in the same. The sweet fragrance it once emitted turns bitter and sour causing thorns to sprout up once again. It can be an art piece gone wrong, a disaster that no matter how much time is allotted cannot be perfected, with creativity…

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Kymber Starmack’s Fight Against Cancer

How blessed can one be?


Jesus You make the darkness tremble