The Bardet, The Biedl and Me


I was standing at the side of the court watching, as best I could, my brother and two of my cousins play basketball. It was easier to keep track of the game by listening to their talk.

‘Na man, that was travel!’ one of them shouted.

‘Two points! Yeah, suck it!’ another exclaimed.

Three of them played with the ball while I stood at the side of the court and played with my fingers. I enjoyed listening to them play, hearing their excitement when they got a swish and listening to their banter on the court. But my smile slowly disappeared when I heard a voice that I didn’t recognise.

‘How about you three versus us two?’ the voice said. It was a guy. His voice was deep and confident and he had a wog accent, but I could tell he wasn’t an adult.

I could see that the two…

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