The Bardet, The Biedl and Me

Empty hospital bed on hospital ward

The dim features of a dejected face stared back at me from the mirror; a face covered in bandages, looping from chin to scalp. The shape of my face had changed after the jaw surgery. Even with the bandages holding my jaw in place I could tell its structure was different – and not any more comfortable like it was supposed to be. The discomfort cam from surgery to fix my overbite.

Toothpaste sat glued to the bristles of my toothbrush. It was going to be another day eating and drinking through straws. I couldn’t wait to have my mum’s roast chicken and roast potatoes again. That was the worst thing about jaw surgery – not being able to eat my favourite food. Well not even my favourite food, just food altogether.

Brushing teeth was a mundane task any day of the week, but brushing teeth with a strapped jaw…

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