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A picture of our son Trayveon that Michael took at the petroglyphs here by our home.  Trayveon decided he wanted to climb the mountain and then stretched his arms out so I collaged it together to make one picture.  Pretty cool though.  His calling right now is to be a youth pastor.  



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Hollywood: Hollyweird: How People Survive and Make It by Art Norman book review by Liz Wriston

I just finished reading Hollywood: Hollyweird: How People Survive and Make It by Art Norman.

This book is like a memoir.  It’s like taking a stroll down memory lane with Art and his ventures.  Through all the good, bad, and the ugly moments in Hollywood.

This book is well written and very easy to read.  To me, a book that isn’t boring is half the battle of keeping your reader engaged and Art does a great job of that.

You really learn about Art’s life on a personal level.  From going to Hollywood and his return to North Carolina.  You learn about his family, his grandma, his mom, his cousin Ralph Jr., his biological dad, etc…

Art’s life entailed surviving Hollywood literally on the swear of his brow!

During his stay in Hollywood from 2002 to 2010, you learn of his run-ins with celebrities.  You learn about gangs in Hollywood.  You hear of all the tales from his parking lot ventures which were many!  Art began filming a documentary in 2005 and toward the end of 2009 voila it was completed.

You also learn about the raw side of Art “going down the rabbit hole”.

A part of a sentence that caught my fancy was in chapter 23 it ended with “for what it’s worth.”  My husband Michael always says it’s for the what it’s worth department so that made me chuckle.

Art took time to mail me his book along with a beautiful letter that brought a smile to my face and I love that because there is nothing like reading a book I can hold.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is curious about going to Hollywood and the struggles that you might face!  

You can purchase a copy of the book from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Walmart.com & Booksamillion.com.

Book review by Liz Wriston.





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