Here is an update on this situation. 

I never made a complaint my son just complied with the school rules and what he was told.  Somehow this summer I received an email from the owner of the school properties and he is the one that founded and started American Leadership Academy.  

I reached out to Glenn L. Way and this is what transpired.


Hello Mr. Glenn Way,
I read the article that was published and your response.  I just want you to know that our children attend ALA and they absolutely love the school as do I.  
We have a friend in common Rob Hudelson.  
I just wanted to ask you a question if you still have a personal involvement with ALA schools.  
My son wore a hat on one of the paid hat days and he was told if he wore it again that he would be yellow carded.  It was an I Love Jesus hat.  He was pretty bummed out because it is his favorite hat.  I am attaching the picture of that hat so you could see it.  I just can’t see my son getting a detention for this hat it just saddens me to the core of my heart that this is a policy that is allowed.
I just didn’t know if there was any way of making changes on that end of things at school to where children can wear these items on their free days.  I honestly could see if it was gang affiliated or profane in any way.  
​Thank you and have an amazing day!


And this was his response back to me.

We will reach out to you on this. If it was a free hat day we should not have told him he couldn’t wear that hat.

So in my book that’s a win for Jesus!



My son Daveon loves this hat!  It is his favorite.

My son wore this hat for a paid hat day at his school.  It cost a dollar to wear your favorite hat.

My son Daveon was told he couldn’t wear this hat to school again because it is offensive.  If he did wear it again he would receive a yellow card and detention.

I’m not sure what is in the hat dress code because I haven’t read it yet but this is truly disheartening to me. 

People wonder why there is a problem with children nowadays.  Geeze I wonder what could possibly be going wrong with society nowadays.  


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