“MARITAL ADVICE TO MY GRANDSON, JOEL: How to be a husband your wife won’t throw out of the window in the middle of the night” by Peter Davidson book review by Liz Wriston

I have had the pleasure of reading “MARITAL ADVICE TO MY GRANDSON, JOEL: How to be a husband your wife won’t throw out of the window in the middle of the night” by Peter Davidson.

I truly say that I had the PLEASURE of reading this book because there are many laugh out loud moments in this book.  It is a funny, upbeat and heartfelt read.  In my opinion, you can never have too much advice when entering a marriage and Peter hits that spot on with what he has written for his grandson Joel.

Since the book is written so well you just blow right through it.   

Men who pick this book up will benefit from the advice given in this book and may have more stuff to pass along to their children and grandchildren when they decide to tie the knot. 

I think women who may read this book will just love to see the perspective from a husband’s eyes.  

I love Peter’s sense of humor and I love that he took the time to do this for his grandson and was able to publish this work for the whole world to benefit from.  The stories and people that he paints with words in his book I feel you can truly relate to which makes it all the more fun to read.  It is truly nice to have a work of art that can make you smile and laugh as you’re reading it.  

I read one thing in there that was a bit of advice that read you should always keep your powder dry.  My husband and I concluded that it may be to keep your gunpowder dry.  Just a thought haha!

So a note to men if you’re looking for some sound advice to better your marriage why not give this book a whirl.

I give this book a five-star rating hands down.

I also wanted to pass along Peter’s blog for anyone interested in following his site.


Book review by Liz Wriston

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“The Most Hated Man In America: Jerry Sandusky And The Rush To Judgment” by Mark Pendergrast book review by Liz Wriston

I’ve finished reading the book “The Most Hated Man In America: Jerry Sandusky And The Rush To Judgment” by Mark Pendergrast.  

My review of this book is as follows. 

To me, it was a very easy read.  The words flow where it makes it a fast paced book that you don’t want to put down.  After seeing this case transpire in the media I automatically assumed that Jerry was GUILTY!  Now after reading this book I question if an innocent man was locked away.  After reading all the circumstances and witness testimonials and how psychologists and psychiatrists pressed these people with having repressed memories and drew out of them what they wanted to hear not what really transpired is just astoundingly sad.  It seems that Jerry who was of great moral character and had such a huge heart for every child that he worked with was falsely accused and then sentenced for these false accusations.

The author Pendergrast has done an impeccable job of writing and the even flow of his book makes me want to read more of his work!  He truly has a way of making something that might seem like a dry read very thirst quenching.  I would recommend this book to anyone out there that might have an interest in this case and is curious to read the facts that are written in this book and after the read, you might be enlightened just like I was.  

My heart aches for Jerry’s family because I truly feel that Jerry’s legacy was tarnished and a man who was regarded so highly will never be able to pay society forward in a way that he was meant to do.  This is such a travesty of justice in my opinion.  Truly tragic.

I am from Pennsylvania and I do remember vividly when this case hit the news and I pray that if people truly did wrong this man that they have the strength to step up one day and say that they were wrong and ask forgiveness. 

You know there are always two sides to a story and I’m appalled by how people were manipulated and coerced into their witness testimonials against Jerry.

I am very blessed to have had the chance to have read this work by Pendergrast and truly look forward to picking up more of his work.  This is definitely a five-star review from me!!!

Liz Wriston