7 thoughts on “Darling

  1. My dearest Liz, I was sad to hear that Noel’s skin treatment hasn’t helped. Please God, help Noel’s skin problem go away!!! I will be thinking of Noel and you in the Hospital.
    Liz have you sought any other treatment? Doctors here keep telling us that antibiotics.do not work as they did many years ago, In fact they say they do not work at all. But this is UK. Could you perhaps find some herbal remedy? God bless you!!! Helen.

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    1. I might look into herbal remedies and they do the same thing here with not giving antibiotics anymore it is like taboo now. I remember growing up on antibiotics when I got sick. Thanks so much Helen and hugs to you from across the pond


    1. Thanks Roger! We are all doing good. My son Noel and I will be going back to the emergency room as his skin is worsening even with treatment. I have given the cream and antibiotics time to work but to no avail the infection is spreading. I just need to be sure he’s not contagious because fall break is coming to an end and I don’t want to infect his class in case he is still contagious. Thanks for asking Roger! I hope you and Sheila have an amazing day!!!

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