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One thought on “So over

  1. Now this is interesting.
    I would guess by measurement I would be a snowflake; a big hard-left UK socialist snowflake, on the basis that if there are enough of us we’ll have our way (like snow storms). That said I also pride myself on being of the Realist Wing (which is not a popular stance…. you tend to get abuse from both sides….and that’s fine ).
    Now I don’t like President Trump as a person and I don’t like the way he does things. Why? Because from my reading of history and politics I see his as an amateur and a wonderful diverse country like the USA does not need one of those at the helm. I don’t like Ted Cruz either, but at least he is a professional; I respect professionals in government. So John Kelly is a man who is needed to put the whole shebang in order.
    (I didn’t argue much about ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis either, generals are there for the mucky jobs the rest of us don’t like- we hope they are good at it, care for their troops and the innocents caught in the middle)
    Eisenhower, Regan they got the job done; Nixon and LBJ were good, but sadly their demons got the better of them.
    A nation deserves its dedicated professionals.
    I wish The Whole USA well

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