2 thoughts on “Parenting gets hard

  1. What do you mean, “gets”? It’s hard right from the start!
    Here is where you need to use some self-control. You need to take yourself over to the mirror and look that woman right in the face and say, “You are not expected to be perfect. If someone, even you, expects you to be perfect just look them straight in the face and say we, humans, are here to make mistakes. We are here to learn from those mistakes. What are you learning today?”

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    1. It’s hard right from pregnancy. It’s hard when you’re planning before you get pregnant. You think that you’re ready, but nobody ever actually is. You can set everything up, have your nursery prepared, your house all sanitary and nice.. But you’re still not 100% ready. I have 5 weeks left (give or take) and it’s been nothing but a struggle.

      So yep, I definitely agree with you.

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