And unlike most parents, I miss each and every one of them when school starts 😦



8 thoughts on “Just sharing

  1. Wow, you have your hands really full! Good luck with all of the back to school shopping and organizing! We’ll be here, waiting! 🙂

    Have a great day!

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  2. Good luck with all the craziness. I hope your kids have a great school year. Maybe you should change your blog title to, “Temporary Lapse of Sanity.” As long as it doesn’t become, “Permanent Lapse of Sanity,” you should be okay. See you soon.

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  3. All I can say is wow. I am a high school teacher so I understand the back to school craziness. But, it is refreshing to hear of such dedication and love from a parent. A lot of parents I know get frustrated with the financial part and are glad when they send their kiddos off to school. I hope things slow down so you can relax. In the meantime, I have a lot of clothes and some extra markers and pens and pencils I can send to you. I know I’m a stranger, but I’m touched by this post. Have a good day. 🙂

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    1. Wow to hear such kind words is utterly amazing! You made my heart smile. Here is my email wristonfamily6@gmail.com if you want I can give you my address the kiddos would appreciate it greatly and to see it coming from a stranger will really touch their souls. My four sons their dad died in 2012 and we had a long hard road since that but I got remarried in 2015 and they are ever so grateful to have a father again!!! So they truly appreciate kindness from people like that because it is from people lifting them up during those dark times that kept them going. So I have a daughter and son now from my new marriage that makes us a six kiddo household and I’m thankful to our family all of them! You’re truly a kind soul and it would light my children’s faces up to see kindness passed along like that. I do miss my high schooler already 😥 and my other ones go on Monday 😥 I’m just not one that looks forward to getting rid of them when school starts I love their company and them being home 🤓. Thanks for blessing me with your words and have a great school year yourself!!! My oldest is starting Marine JROTC this year and he’s very excited about the new adventure his life will hold. So yes this mommy will be busy for sure they keep me on my toes 🤓


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