5 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. I’ve felt the same way so many times; even with the metaphor of sinking beneath the waters.

    I’ve been dealing with an illness for the last four years, and over that time, in all that pain, I felt the same way – My prayers, no matter how reasonable, felt always unanswered.

    My denomination, is unimportant, but I’m coming up on the anniversary of the dawning of my illness, and I feel suitably like shit. But i had a breakthrough of sorts – to me- God (or the Deity in your faith) always answers our prayers- it’s just that sometimes (and more often than not, it feels) the answer is no.

    And unsatisfying and frustrating that is, especially when suffering, the solace I find is in the fact that there is so little I know beyond my little world. Everything is connected like some enormous, terrifying Rube Goldberg contraption- and any individual piece can’t see the whole, only the maker can.

    So while there is some peace in this understanding, it still (and pardon my language) sometimes just fucking blows.

    Stay strong.


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    1. That is a very enlightening story of your life. I’ll lift you up in prayer as well. Yes we do live in such a little world and there is something much greater and infinite waiting for us. It’s so nice to see how people relate to simple words that people put out. Everything is ambiguous and perceptions are oh so different. You have an amazing day and feel the best you can co

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