He should have complied. Normal procedure with a weapon in the car to step out of the car. She should have shut her mouth and there would have been no issues. They would have ran his license possibly got a ticket or a fix it ticket and been on their way. Now they taught their child to fight with the police. Trying to tell the officer how he’s going to do his job is a no go. Ignorance breeding ignorance. Everyone thinks that they’ll get their payday by not complying with police. They already have a hard enough job without dealing with ignorant people. Comply or die.

11 thoughts on “Comply or die.

  1. Disrespect has been a growing issue against authority figures today. From threatening to assassinate presidents to not doing what cops ask. But I have seen many figures abuse their powers or assume there is a danger when there isn’t. It all comes down to having a mutual respect and understanding.

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  2. This is a very salutary post, but one which has to be debated.
    I was in public service for 40+ years (mostly in the UK equivalent of the IRS) and I got sworn at, physically threatened, abused- went with the job but you had to keep your cool while standing your ground.
    The problem is a two-way thing.
    Firstly there must be a culture built into the law enforcement of with ‘Authority Comes Responsibility’- this might come off sometimes as patronising, but it’s better than other alternatives, in addition to this policing cannot not be done on the cheap, so no cut backs, if the city needs ‘this many officers’ then it should have ‘this many officers’, and finally cut back on the paper work! Man I could tell you tales that would make strong folk weep about the unseen paperwork that clutters up any public service job and takes time away from doing the proper job. Also a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.
    Secondly- On the two way thing. It can be difficult when faced with a bumptious, harassed or badly trained official (had my share of those), in those cases you are advised to try and take charge, be cool, be above them in a quiet way, co-operative as best you can. Try and win them over to your side. When stuck with the obnoxious bully (oh they are out there), get through the situation take as much note as you can of their name or car registration or whatever identifier and then later on dump several sorts of hell on them!
    In short, we have to work together. It’s tough, it’s hard, and lot of the time it is damn unrewarding , but we have to get there.
    (I can remember back in the 1960s when the hippy thing was just starting, watching this scene. It was taking place in New York. Some hippy types were getting soup from a hand-out kitchen and a police officer came over, looking suspicious. One of the hippies turned to him and said in a polite and calm manner ‘Would you like some soup officer?’ the cop a bit abashed said ‘No thanks. You’re ok,” and they parted amicably.- would that it were always so)
    Hard times folks. Hard times. Unite and you will get there.
    Best wishes to you all
    (From one British, hard-left, catholic, grandfather)

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  3. Well, I was following your blog, but I’ve got a minor issue with the concept that not grovelling to every cop on a power trip being punishable by death.

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    1. I just think that people respecting authority has gone down the drain. My husband and I were stopped for speeding a few months ago. We both had guns and it was the same scenario, asked for paperwork, asked about weapons, we were told to get out and come to the back of the van while he ran everything. Everything was ran and we got a ticket and we went about our way. The end. The cop even spoke to our children and it was an overall good experience and it was good for the kids to see how a stop works with weapons and having respect for the law. I would say that same statement for my children listen or die. It is pretty simple. People starting fights with police is just wrong on so many levels. It’s sickening to see what is going on in the world and how children are being taught to disrespect authority. We’re all entitled to opinions. My children from my husband that passed away are half black and half white so there is no prejudice on any of my thinking. Tired of seeing how people in this country feel disrespect is okay.


      1. When I was 13, the cops arrested my neighbor for dealing drugs. One of the officers wanted to come into my backyard to look along the fence because he thought they might have thrown something over. Now, had he come to the door, he might have been allowed to do so. Even if we’d have declined, which was well within our rights, he’d have been treated politely and with respect. But that’s not what he did. What he did was pull out his gun, point it at my dog, and start screaming at my then seven year old sister to ‘get that fucking dog into the house before I shoot it’. I came outside when I heard the yelling, and said gun was pointed at me. Age thirteen. Screaming police officer pointing gun at me. Screaming police officer pointing gun at an unarmed child, demanding something he by law needed a warrant for. Threatening children. Had a sheriff not intervened at that point to make him back off, at the very least I’m sure my dog would have been shot because he was pulling at the leash trying to get at the guy screaming at his people.

        Are you still curious as to why a lot of people don’t have respect for cops? Because I’m not a unique story. That’s also not been my only bad experience with the cops. I’m not even going to get into how the cops treated me when I tried to report a rape. But you’ll be happy, I’m sure. See, I complied with what they were telling me and didn’t press charges or insist they take the report. So I’m still alive.

        I am tired of seeing how people in this country feel disrespect is okay, when that disrespect is coming from a police officer. If the police want to be respected, then maybe they should start treating people with respect. I’ve seen people fighting with cops. I’ve yet to see a time when it wasn’t the cop who started with the aggressive behavior and escalation. I do social work, so yeah, I’ve seen a LOT of interactions with the police. I’ve had the guns pointed at me when I tried to calm a client down in order to get them to ‘comply’.

        If authority figures have no respect for the people they are supposed to SERVE and PROTECT, why then should we have respect for them? It’s a two way street. If you want respect, earn it.

        As long as cops are either not acting like decent human beings or covering for the ones that aren’t acting like decent human beings, I have no respect for them.

        As long as they are demanding ‘comply or die’, I have no respect for them.

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      1. Also, I happen to belong to a particular demographic. A demographic in which historically has NOT seen compliance increase our chances of not ending up dead. In fact, cops are one of the demographics we are often in the most danger from. And I’m not even getting into the race discussion here. I was an adult with two college diplomas before it was actually legal to be someone like me in every state in the US.

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