3 thoughts on “Sad and true

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    Why do people feel the need to judge someone by how they look and I am pretty sure that you will find out if you go to Virginia or West Virginia you will see people like this but it’s because the lack of proper care for their health and hygiene and it’s not always drugs or meth and why not finding before posting bull sh**

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    1. It fit the theme that I wanted for the words. I wasn’t even judging them it went with my thoughts. My husband and all their family is from West Virginia. I’m not easily offended like some people are I can take things at face value and move on. It amazes me how people can get offended so quickly. Pictures that come up under my searches and that search happened to be meth. My handy man that helps me out and he has like two teeth and he’s an amazing person not once have I just him on his hygiene he does amazing work. So please don’t judge me either by a post.


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