The time is here and now to say

The words that will allow us to care

The love in our hearts will forever stay

And the time spent together we will share
As butterflies ascend to heaven and change

They find the wind and learn to grow

To show us beauty that is strange

And make me realize you mend my soul


All the time we spent as two

Has shown me how much I need your love

So as I say the words I do

We will then become one to fit like a glove


I have always known deep in my soul

That back to your heart I would always run

And forever strive to fill up this hole

To keep our love burning as hot as the sun


We have watched our family become healthy and strong

So help me guide them through their plan

And I will help you correct them when they’re wrong

To prepare them for life and the hourglass sand


Continue to follow me into the unknown

And remember that forever only you I will kiss

Then we will exist as one after our family is grown

For all of the eternity tangled in love and bliss


Author: Unknown







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