A touch of rain and shower made the flower grow into the beauty and power that is you.

The golden sunshine with its brilliant warmth and light created the radiant shroud that is your aura.

When the infinite expanse of blue defining your eyes fell upon mine I cried tears from heaven.

Caressing the silky smooth pale of your skin leaves me compelled to induce goosebumps of blissful love.

Every time the healing waves of whispered breath penetrate my ears I shiver with substained vibration of content.

For all eternity our souls will be one bound together with the delicate silver thread within the other.

As the dubious matter of our being vibrates away the light and awareness we become merges allowing the “I” that once was “us” to return to the oneness.  

Author: Unknown.

2 thoughts on “Inlakesh

  1. I could try to be cynical about this poem, but I would fail. Gladly. 😌

    Really hopeful & lovely — reminds me of another author’s writing I recently came across in my nomadic wanderings. This author has grown into a proper writer right before my very eyes. I am very proud of this person’s metamorphosis.

    Thank you for sharing. It’s a beautiful piece.

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