14 thoughts on “Our friendship

      1. Oh, really?? Imma go see the film then. I love that book…except for this one really squicky squirmy part I won’t spoil for you. I’d like to hear what you think of ‘It’ once you’ve read it. What’s your favorite SK book?

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        1. Yes, I will definitely let you know. It is for sure a LONG book haha. But I’m getting through it slowly but surely. Can’t believe that great minds think alike for sure. It’s so nice to meet someone on the same page. I loved the book Thinner that was an interesting read…

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          1. ‘Thinner’ is really macabre, and that ending…! Cruel, but fitting.
            I used to read long books. The longer, the better. I took special pride in hauling around 1000+ page novels. :3 Sadly, not so much anymore. My attention span is shot.
            Oh, which part of the page are you on? Like, what’s the last/most recent sentence you read?

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            1. Eddie just went to check some place out his dad sent him to. He came back and his dad told him not to tell his mom he went there or she’ll shoot him first and the dad next. I have to get my book to see what page exactly. But that’s where I am at in the book 😉

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            2. He remembers the pocket knife he threw in the canal and the tracks he saw leading to the canal. All in that same area. There is another child missing I believe so he is reminiscing on what he saw by the water where he was at. Wondering if that’s connected to the missing child.

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