I love you daddy

Author Unknown:


My wish for you is that angels guide you in.




My wish is that when you reach heaven, you will learn to love.  



My wish for you is that you don’t have to suffer like that girl’s father did…

images (19).jpg


I hope you see that the light at the end of the tunnel before it’s too late…


My wish is to please not hurt my mom.  You truly don’t realize what you have.  She is an amazing woman…  She is my hero when I lay in bed crying at night.  

images (19).jpg

I miss that day we all went to Sears together.  I don’t know if this cycle will start again.  But I hope you make it out.  


Like you we all make choices and my choice is clear.  If I do not remove myself from this situation I may never be successful, I may not finish school.  

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I hope you know that I will always love you, but I need to make a life of my own.  I need to find peace in my life.  


I hope that you will do the same.  I hope that you find what makes you happy.  And if that happiness is alcohol, I hope that you have the courage to do it at your own place and not in this house.  

images (22)

After all, if you can be happy, why can’t I?  I’ve realized that no matter how many tears I shed, how many “A’s” I get, how many suicide attempts I have to do, you will not quit.  

images (23).jpg

Just one last thing.  I’m not mad at you I love you.  You’re my dad.  I’m so proud of how smart you are and hard working.  I just hate this disease and what it’s done…  


download (3).jpg


I feel ashamed that I can’t do more to help.




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