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Well today it breaks my heart that I am writing a negative review on:

Smoke ‘m

Michelle Szobody OWNER/PARTNER

1397 E Florence Blvd. Ste #9

Casa Grande, AZ



“Smokem Casa Grande” their Facebook page.

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Okay so let me set the scene for you:

I went to the vape shop like I have done numerous times.  I was low on e-juice and this is where I always stop.  I have enjoyed all my trips hhere.  There is a prior service army member that works there and we talk military stuff and he is extremely helpful and cordial to me as well as everyone else there.

The lady that helped me today was impersonable.  When she rang me up I told her that it was a military discount.  I showed her my drivers license and she wouldn’t accept it.  I showed her the veterans stamp on it and she told me that it wasn’t good enough.  She told me that she didn’t know me and that I don’t know her and that she needed further identification.  Then my husband stepped in and he gave her his retired id card and she told him thank you.  She questioned my military service and said if I was his wife that I could use the discount from him.  Then the other veteran there finished ringing up my order I paid and left.

Just on a technical note here are the requirements to have veteran placed on your driver’s license in Arizona.

Veteran Designation Documentation

(One of the following documents must be presented at the time of application)

  • Original or copy of the customer’s DD214, 215, 2 (Retired), 2 (Reserve)
  • Active duty military identification card (also known as the United States Uniformed Services Identification Card or the Armed Forces of the United States Geneva Conventions Identification Card)

And here is the link as well to cross reference the information:

We love small businesses that honor military discounts.  That’s why we have continued shopping there, despite lower online prices.  You can compare for yourself go to  There you can buy more quantity of juice, get a free sample with your order, use a coupon code, the shipping is extremely fast and the quality is outstanding!  All for a much lower than what you get at Smoke ‘m.  I continually gave Smoke ‘m my money until today’s incident.  I can’t stress to you enough every other visit was pleasant.  The staff there were always extremely helpful!  They recommended e-juice based upon my tastes, showed me how to setup my e-cigarettes, took time to make sure I was 100% satisfied, they’ve always honored and thanked me for my military service and it was a wonderful.  They always say that one bad apple spoils the bunch and that’s what happened to me today.  To not honor my military service and label me as “his wife“, (dependent wife in military terms), that is the reason we will not be back.  I served our country in the United States Air Force from June 1992 to May 2001 and my husband served 22 years in the army.

Today my military service didn’t matter (such a smack in the face)…

I will let my neighbors and friends know what happened and they can make their own choice on whether to shop there or not.  As it stands now they lost my husband and I as customers and another set of veteran neighbors.  There is power in word of mouth referalls.

Golden Rule of life treat others as you want to be treated.  Simple, right?




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Female African American Soldier Series: Against Dark Brown Background

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