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“He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he who loses courage loses all.”

– Miguel De Cervantes



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A New Novel by Christoph Fischer – “The Gamblers”

The Final Curtain

A New Novel by Christiph Fischer


The Gamblers

I just finished The Gamblers by Christoph Fischer and it is my pleasure to feature him and his book on my humble blog.

Christoph has a penchant for understanding the actions, desires, foibles, and motivations of people. That can be discerned by some of his previous books like The Healer and In Search of a Revolution and The Luck of the Weissensteiners and other titles listed below. This new launch of The Gamblers carries forth his strong desire to know the inner cravings of his fellow human beings.

Imagine yourself a handsome geeky accountant and introvert, your DNA dictating a mind absorbed with numbers, calculations, statistics, and probabilities. Now, imagine a sudden 64,000,000 lottery windfall of British currency coming into your life. Your psyche will not allow you the wild excitement of a grand spending spree, your calm and careful considerations lead…

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Arthur and the Bullies

The Final Curtain


Arthur and the Bullies

It is true that some have sensitivities that make them both a target for people who would bully them and for those who would feel kindness and an urge to protect them in an unfair situation. This story exemplifies this thought.


Arthur Chadwick carried a lot of emotional baggage at the age of ten. He was born in poverty, knew well the anger and battles of dysfunctional parents, the seeming endless cycle of mobility, moving from one location to another, divorce, and state run institutions.

The battle scenes when his parents were together became the most hypnotically paralyzing and terrifying moments he would put in that baggage of emotions…his father using his fists against his mother, the blood splattering, the bruises she carried, and her inability to get out of bed for work because of the pain inflicted.

Arthur could not adequately describe those terrible…

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Prologue from “Stranger Abduction” (A new novel from Billy Ray Chitwood)

The Final Curtain

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Stranger Abduction is in the oven – over half-cooked – but I wanted to write a bit about the book and present the prologue…you can let me know if you like or don’t like what I’m sharing with you. Just be gentle and remember, I’m your elder. 🙂

This is the second time I’ve written this book…let me explain. In the 1980’s, on an 80-acre non-working ‘Lazy Rabbit Ranch’ in southeast Arizona near the ‘town too tough to die’, Tombstone, I began writing on a Starwriter 60 word processor my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’. There were to be seven books in the series, with five inspired by trues events. At the ranch I completed three of the ‘BC Series’ (except for final editing), neatly put the manuscripts pages in boxes, and moved to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. Stranger Abduction was Book 2 in the series. In my lovely Sea of…

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A Speck of Dust

The Final Curtain

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A Speck of Dust

In the Aeonic repetition

Of night enveloping day,

A tiny universal speck

Of dust contemplates

The great mystery of

Endless orbits and


The insanity of war and

Fragile unstable peace…

The beauty of a sunrise,

Sunset, love’s wondrous

Bliss confused by anomalous


The speck of dust mingles

With all other specks

And awaits an ordained

Anonymity in the darkness

Of eternal oblivion – or the

Healing light of Salvation…

(Billy Ray Chitwood – June 27, 2015) 

So much of that ‘Speck of Dust’ contemplation is dispensed in my fictional memoir which is 90% true…it is titled, The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son.  The book is an account of a boy/man chasing his past and finding some of his dreams along with the despair from mistakes made along the way…it also has a bit of history that you might find interesting…



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Prologue from “Stranger Abduction” (A new novel from Billy Ray Chitwood)

AN ARIZONA TRAGEDY – Book 1 of The Bailey Crane Mystery Series (6)

The Final Curtain


Buy Sites:

Amazon US: http://www.goo.gl/fMt82R

Amazon UK: http://www.goo.gl/HTQGo

Amazon Worldwide: http://www.authl.it/1sv

An Arizona Tragedy

The year was 1967. There was exciting news on radio, television, and in the daily papers. Some of the news was reasonably good, some very bad.

Vladimir Komarov, a Russian cosmonaut, died as his descending spacecraft got entangled in its parachute cords.

Congress was fighting about taxes … okay, not so tantalizing!


n May of 1967, the United States Marines took ‘Hill 881’ (the ‘forbidding twin peaks’) just below the DMZ in Vietnam, and there were many casualties.

A huge segment of the world’s population was all atwitter with the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Presley were on their honeymoon in Palm Springs, California.

Joey Bishop was trying very hard to make it on late night television.

There was a national deficit of some twenty-four billion dollars … could this year have been part…

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Becky and a Text Message

The Final Curtain

                                                                                         images (4)Becky and a Text Message             

She smiled as she read the text message from husband David… Tonight’s the night, my angelic beauty! The calendar says so, and I say so… Her left hand was poised to type a reply, but she thought better of the idea…

Becky Flowers knew something her husband did not know and she wanted to save the secret until she got home… Becky saw the family doctor that early afternoon and was given the golden news that she and David were to be parents. She was so excited it was difficult to contain herself…Becky becoming…

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The storm

The Final Curtain


The Storm

This could be about the ISIS storm, or, the political debate storm, or, a domestic storm…and, it is about all of these storms – plus, the weather witch is soaking our rolling hills with rain, lightning, and thunder…


Now, I don’t know about you (if you care enough to be informed on matters facing our Republic), but I’m really, REALLY, tired of the barbarians in the Middle East cutting off heads of children and adults for not believing in their stupid ideology which tells them to kill everyone who does not believe what they believe because destiny has them occupying the throne of the world…a side thought makes me wonder, should that happen, what the hell would they do for fun? Play Russian Roulette, or, design a parlor game of ‘Spin the Bottle’, the object being chopping off the head of ill-fated players whose misfortune it was…

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Mayberry Madness

The Final Curtain



Mayberry Madness

Flash Fiction by Billy Ray Chitwood

In retrospect, it all sounds so improbable, like a tale out of some book of odd occurrences, but I had to tell the story because the world is what it is today. Unless you’ve had your head buried in a Nelson DeMille book or a Bruce Willis movie, you know ‘the times are changing’…lots of bad things are happening in the world, like Islamic terrorists spreading throughout the globe, recruiting on the internet, trying to take over the planet with their radical Jihad junk, cutting off heads, burning folks alive who don’t accept their idiocy…

Well, anyhow, I live on ten acres in Small Town, Virginia, USA, and I’m figuring that all this bad, evil, stuff cannot touch me and my family, that our government must have a plan to rid the earth of this vermin.

My good friend and neighbor…

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