I welcomed someone in

This dark world of mine, I don’t think that is a sin.

Even though we lived two hours away

Fate: somehow brought us together that Valentine’s Day.

By chance

He ask me to dance.

He reached for my hand and took my soul

I now feel whole. 

He’s my man named Mike

Lord how he makes my temperature spike.

A hopeless romantic

He makes me feel frantic.

Holding my hand

And stroking my hair strand by strand

Passion was welling up inside

There was a need to make it subside.

The song ended

Our bodies were still blended.

My ears ringing

I could still hear him singing.

So much energy

Just setting me free.

The clubs closing and the lights turned on

We finally got our roll on.

Next I was lying next to him on his bed

Many thoughts running through my head.

He kissed me passionately

I could feel his breath effortlessly.

Feeling each other

I could feel my heart flutter.

Me dressed in my sensuous virgin white

And my clit screaming this is right.

I look forward to the next time we meet

For it will be my biggest treat.

By: Liz C Wriston


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