Got milk πŸ₯›

This was a huge success for me. I put one in the fridge and cracked it open and it was delicious. My children and I shared the jar and it was delicious. The empty jugs got donated to one of my dear friends.

I just never have enough jars for my projects. Much to my surprise I got a delivery from Walmart that I didn’t order and my friend sent me jars. I was so so excited!!! I knew I didn’t order them so that was the bestest gift ever for me.

You can can! Or jar πŸ«™ whichever term you prefer. I’m about a year in with experience and I love it. I’m self taught from YouTube and research and I’m very proud of myself.

I also highly recommend the ForJars lids they are so good. I’ve never had a failed seal when I used those lids. If you haven’t tried them do they are right up there with Ball. You won’t be disappointed promise.

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