Ever need to choose a gift for someone who already has everything? God is one of those, times ten to the power of infinity. Using the mathematical symbol for infinity, the lemniscate, we could write it One of Those x 10∞

That is to say, God has everything, and we can give him nothing he doesn’t already have.

Yet God is pleased to accept the glory that we are pleased to give Him.

Where do you get that, Luke?

From Joshua’s words to Achan.

Achan had disobeyed God, was responsible for thirty lives lost and had dug himself into the hole of a situation that would become his grave. The night before, when the culprit was still unknown by name, God had pronounced the sentence, capital punishment for a capital crime.

To Achan, the culprit, the persistent rebel, the troubler of the nation, the condemned, Joshua’s invitation was startling…

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