11 thoughts on “DACA

  1. Y’know, I disagree with this post and I don’t like the President….
    But I still enjoy your blog and most of your posts. (I’d call in more often but I’m deep in writing two books at once…..)
    Yea! All us humans get together and celebrate our nice craziness!!
    Hope your injury is getting better.
    Best wishes

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    1. Thanks for your input. I’m sorry you don’t like the President or my post. I love this President I guess you can tell. I’m very happy you’re deep in writing that’s the place to be. Got to love it. Craziness indeed and there’s a lot to be celebrated for sure on that end. My finger is better I still experience pain on a daily basis which stinks. Have an amazing day!!!

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        1. Right! I’ve just come to terms with I’ll be in pain the rest of my life. It’s unexplainable and a constant it’s just my life pain wise. Thanks for caring to ask about my finger! I appreciate that very much. And blessings in your endeavor of writing!!! I’m happy that you are writing.

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          1. Sorry to hear that.
            More power to your courage and perseverance. It’s to be admired and blessed.
            Yeh, my writing is how I work off my steam, my grumps and just have fun doing so. It’s taken me 50 years to get the balance right, but it was worth it!


    2. I just wanted to give you a backstory on myself. All my family immigrated from Croatia, my mom, dad, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc… They all had to get papers and go through the waiting process to come to America. Once here they eventually got to the point they qualified to take their citizenship test and became legal citizens. We still have people and children that haven’t been able to come to America due to whatever circumstances happened in their lives in Croatia. One person I know had a run in with the law there and they no longer qualify to come here. My uncle a lot of his children still aren’t here and he has been here since I’ve been a teenager. We’ve gone through hard times with money to bring people over to the United States and it has been a journey for everyone in our family. I’m not just a heartless person that is against people coming here or being here but I am a firm believer in it being done correctly. I don’t think people should be rewarded with citizenship just because they did it illegally and beat the system. If that is the case then my family that hasn’t made it here legally should just be smuggled in and it’s all good. I firmly believe in the system and doing things by the letter of that law. That is why I have the view I have. It isn’t just from being mean and heartless but it has been the life long journey my family has had to endure. My grandparents finally passed the citizenship test about ten years ago and then died a few years later. They learned the English language and did everything at their old age to become United States citizens. I was born in America but I was fortunate having my family history. I was brought over from Croatia in my mother’s belly but they did everything legally and because of that, I am thankful to be a US citizen. My parents had their papers and everything was done before they came here to the US and because of that, I am one of the lucky few from our family that was born and able to be here freely in the US.

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      1. That is a well reasoned argument and I always respect those, because there are usually at least two sides to point of view and both can be valid. Which is why we should have laws because at some stage there has to be a line. I’m retired now, I worked in the UK Civil Service for 40+ years, so I ‘get’ laws, and there must be courts to make sure the law is fair to all.
        I hope your family at some stage can all come together again, because the strength and determination your folk brought sounds one of the typical experiences which made the USA the strong and vibrant nation it is able to be.
        And I’m pleased you had a safe trip to the USA!!
        All the best to you and your family

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